Wesby Specialty Products is a designer and exclusive distributor of proprietary products used in different markets.  Starting with the DIYAligner™, useful products will be formulated and marketed to meet the needs of consumers where currently there is nothing available to meet those needs.

Wesby Specialty Products was created as a result of the intellectual property ideas of its founder, Scott Wesby, who, because of his work experience and education, along with others, was and is able to invent new and improve existing products.  The team at Wesby Specialty Products is constantly on the look out for problems that everyday consumers and the do-it-yourselfers run into in which no practical solutions exist.  We are also are on the look out for products that currently exist but could be made to function better with an improvement.

Currently planned is an upgraded model of the DIYAligner™, that would include the use of a laser plumb bob, and improvements that would eliminate some of the steps used in determining the alignment angles of toe and camber.  Also being considered is to include in the upgraded model the capability for the DIYAligner™ to be used to determine the alignment angle of  caster and perhaps the SAI (steering axis inclination) angle of a wheel.

Other plans call for products that bring improvements to toilet plungers and apparel hangers.  A totally new product  needed for the luggage industry is planned for development.  An improvement for shavers is is being considered.  All of these ideas are born from our experiences in the real world.

If you or someone you know has an idea for a new product or an improvement to an existing product and are looking for a partner to bring this idea to fruition, contact us.  We offer liberal terms and can help design and patent your idea.  But remember, with any patentable idea, you must not divulge the specifics of your idea to anyone, which can nullify your ability to patent your idea.  In any discussion with us, you will not be required to divulge the specifics of your idea until a legal agreement has been made with us that covers the details of our relationship and our mutual responsibilities, which includes a financial agreement that covers the costs for our services and the ultimate compensation that each of us will receive.