Welcome to the homepage of our first specialty product, the  DIYAligner™, a patented wheel alignment device perfect for the small repair shop or do-it-yourselfer that does an occasional wheel alignment.  With this one unit one can measure the wheel alignment angles of camber and toe on vehicles as small as go-karts to as large as commercial trucks and trailers.  The angles of camber and toe account for almost all tire wear.  The DIYAligner™ references the geometric centerline of a vehicle.  And, with the ability to measure the toe angle of each wheel, one can calculate the thrust angle of a vehicle; therefore one can perform four wheel and thrust angle wheel alignments - a feature not found on any other alignment device at the price range this device falls in.  The DIYAligner™ will yield very accurate measurements as a result of using a laser beam and a mathematical method for calculating camber and toe angles.  In fact, the accuracy of the determined angle measurements will depend more on how well one performs the simple steps described in the instructional video and owner's manual than in the tolerance of error built into the DIYAligner™.

•  For wheel alignments of cars, trucks, buses, go-karts, golf-carts, trailers, etc. – universal application

•  For 4 wheel alignments, thrust angle wheel alignments – required on newer cars

•  References the geometric centerline of vehicle

•  Appliable to virtually all wheels 

•  Laser accuracy

•  Easy to use

•  Blow molded case, with instructional DVD, owner/instructional CD, recorded live alignment DVD 

Optional laser plumb bob available
The DIYAligner™ is made from quality materials chosen for strength, weight, and endurance such as the aluminum frame that supports the laser level.  The metals and plating chosen will also provide resistance to rust as long as the DIYAligner™ is not subjected to damp conditions.  The DIYAligner™ should be treated as any precise measuring instrument should be treated – with care.  If done so, the DIYAligner™ should outlast one's lifetime and will be able to be used on future vehicles such as hybrids, electrics, and others, since all will require their wheels to be aligned.

The DIYAigner™ comes in a blow molded case that allows it to be conveniently stored away for future use or for easy  transportation.  Included with the DIYAligner™ in the blow molded case is the instructional manual on CD, the instructional DVD set, and a recorded live wheel alignment on DVD.

Available as a separate accessory, is a set of specially designed affordable wheel alignment boards that are an integral part of the alignment process.  The board package includes foldable support brackets that allow for the vertical height of the boards off the floor to be adjusted - a useful feature for the alignment of trucks and buses.
Demonstration Video